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Engage every day and grow your Twitter audience, fast

tweetstreak helps you stay accountable to your Twitter goals so you can get your first 5000 followers (without losing your mind)

14 day free trial, no credit card required

What our users say

Writing killer Tweets but still not growing?

To grow on Twitter you need great content, but Twitter growth relies on more than just thread thirst-traps

If you have fewer than 5000 followers then engaging with people through replies is even more important but it's hard to keep up the habit for months on end

How can you do it without burning out?

How does it work?

a screenshot of tweetstreak on mobile showing the ability to set goals

Set achievable goals

We'll help you set achievable goals and prompt you to adjust them as you progress

No more unrealistic targets e.g. "100 tweets per day"
A screenshot of a twitter DM showing tweetstreak prompting the user to engage at the start of the day

Never miss a tweet day

Each day at a time that works for you we'll prompt you to engage

If it looks like you're going to miss your goal we'll give you a little nudge
A screenshot of a DM in Twitter from tweestreak received when the user hits their target for the day

Track your progress

Each day we'll let you know how your tweetstreak score changes, your streak extends and your audience grows

All communicated via your Twitter DM

Listen to the pros - reply, reply, reply

Quality... meet (sustainable) quantity

Two charts side by side with an arrow showing an improvement from one to the other in tweeting consistency
There are many fantastic tools out there that will help you write tweets (Tweethunter, Hypefury, Zlappo et al)... we are not one of them

Most people struggle to engage consistently, maybe you managed to tweet for a month or two but don't see much growth and so quickly flame out and think "it's just not for me"

tweetstreak helps you build sustainable tweet and reply habits that will ensure you are engaging all year round, giving you the best chance of growing your audience
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$24 per year ($49)
for our first 100 users

✔️ Daily check-ins and nudges to tweet
✔️ Daily performance summary
✔️ Streak notifications
✔️ Adaptive goals as you progress
✔️ All communication through DMs
14 day free trial, no credit card required

Who's behind tweetstreak?

Norbert Hüthmayr

A picture of Norbert on a beach with the sunset behind him
"I'm a big believer in the power of audiences on Twitter but often need a nudge to ensure I stick to my engagement habits"

Mike Heap

A picture of Mike with a woolly hat on
"I wanted to build a tool that I would use personally to ensure I don't have lumpy periods of Twitter engagement again"


Why do I have to follow @tweetstreakHQ?


If you don't follow us we can't send you DM notifications and nudges (tweetstreak is pretty useless without them).

It's not some "f0LloW 4 FolLOw B4cK" scam, we promise.

How do cancellations work?


You can cancel any time in the first 14 days and we won't charge your card.

If you cancel after the first 14 days then we just won't renew your subscription, you'll still have use of tweetstreak for the remainder of the 12 months.

Will my subscription renew automatically?


Yes, but we'll send you a message 7 days out to let you know your renewal is coming up.

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