Get your first 5000 Twitter followers, fast.

Tweetstreak helps you stay on-task to get your first 5000 followers on Twitter - without losing your mind.


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Set goals to grow engagement.

We'll help you set achievable goals and prompt you to adjust them as you progress. No more unrealistic targets e.g. "100 tweets per day"

Set daily goal for tweets and replies

Daily check-ins and nudges to tweet

Daily performance summary

Adaptive goals as you progress

Never miss a tweet day.

In-app DM on twitter

To grow on Twitter you need to tweet and reply, but it's hard to keep up the habit for months on end. Each day we'll prompt you to engage.

Daily nudge

If it looks like you're going to miss your goal we'll give you a little nudge.

Track your progress and watch your account grow.

From the dashboard, you'll be able to track your activity and follower growth.

Track Growth

Track daily/weekly performance inside the dashboard.


Keep momentum going when you are on a tweetstreak!

Adaptive Goals

Change your goals over time as you grow.

In-App DM's

All notification land right in your Twitter DM's.

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What Tweeters Say

Have grown about 100 followers this week. Have been tracking my content & growth with @tweetstreakHQ.


A big shoutout to the folks at @tweetstreakHQ for developing an helpful product. TweetStreak helps you maintain consistency.


Tweet Streak is shaping up to be one of my new favourite tools for twitter. Check it out, especially if you have less than 5000 followers @tweetstreakHO


The main way I got my first 1k followers was by replying on other's tweets with insightful information where it was relevant


Develop tweet and reply habits.

Most people need help to engage consistently. Tweetstreak helps you build sustainable tweet and reply habits to stay active year-round.

Grow with Tweetstreak today

Why do I have to follow @tweetstreakHQ?


If you don't follow us we can't send you DM notifications and nudges (tweetstreak is pretty useless without them).

It's not some "f0LloW 4 FolLOw B4cK" scam, we promise.

Is Tweetstreak really free?


Yes! Twitter will remain free for anyone who takes advantageous of this offer early-on and will remain that way as long as your account is active. We plan to add Facebook and Instagram in the future as an added feature at a charge. This will not affect Twitter however.

Will my subscription renew?


Yes, it will be free this month and next month and so on!